Please be on the lookout for invasive Phragmites patches while outside this Fall and Winter.  Phragmites is a tall grass that can grow as tall as 15 feet.  It grows extremely dense and shades out other species.  It is the same grass that blankets the shoreline of Lake Michigan in the Green Bay area.  A grant was awarded for the treatment of Phragmites sites in Langlade, Forest, Oneida and Vilas Counties.  The goal is to push the species back towards Lake Michigan and prevent it from getting established here.  We need help in identifying locations of this plant.  When you are out deer hunting, snowmobiling, atving, or simply driving around keep your eyes open.  If you see something suspicious please let me know.  We need your help to prevent the spread of this aggressive invader.  A story regarding Phragmites aired on WJFW Channel 12 and can be viewed at :   http://www.wjfw.com/stories.html?sku=20131119161842&display=video


photo courtesy of John Preuss

photo courtesy of John Preuss


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